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Incorporating Color Into the Kitchen

17 November 2020

White kitchens are all the craze in interior design. Whether you’re buying a new home or updating an old one, white is in. But too much white can make any room look lifeless, cold, or uninviting. And that’s the last thing you want in your kitchen. It’s the heart of your home and where almost everyone spends time throughout the day. 

Even if you’re in love with the all-white kitchen, you can still brighten it up with a few splashes of color. In fact, a white kitchen is the best canvas to show off some deep jewel tones or flaunt pastel shades. So here are a few ways to add some color back to your kitchen:


1. Wall paint

A white kitchen usually has all-white cabinets and shelves. Since the cabinets are visually the biggest parts of the kitchen, the room will appear to be white. But you can always add color to the walls with paint. You can opt for rich and dark tones or light pastel shades depending on a few factors. If the kitchen gets plenty of sunlight, then darker tones can set off the white cabinets quite nicely. If the room does not have much natural light, then lighter shades will make it look larger and airy. 

2. Wall decals

If you live in a rental or don’t have the budget for paint, wall decals are an easy and inexpensive option. You don’t have to cover the entire wall either. You can get patterns or large designs to cover the biggest wall.

3. Backsplash


If your wall space is not too large or you have some space near the stove, a colorful backsplash is always a good idea. It is functional protecting your walls from moisture and oil splatters but is also available in multiple colors and designs as well. 

Opt for tiles in geometric patterns like rectangles, hexagons, or circles in a bright bold color. Or create your own design by mixing different shades. You can even coordinate the backsplash with colors in your dining room or breakfast nook to make it feel more cohesive.

4. Colorful faucets

Walls are not the only thing in the kitchen that could use some color. You can also get colorful faucets and even the sink to match! Forget about the same old stainless steel or satin nickel finish. Go for luxury finishes like copper, gold, rose gold, or antique brass if your kitchen is more traditional or country cottage style. A more modern kitchen can benefit from other finishes like oil rubbed bronze or matte black. 

5. Small appliances


For a decade or more stainless steel appliances have ruled the roost in kitchens, even white ones. However, it has been changing recently. Now you can find a range of small appliances in stunning retro shades of yellow, bright blue, or siren red across many brands. Even if your larger appliances are steel, you can upgrade the smaller ones (microwave, toaster, coffee maker, etc.) to these brighter colors. 

6. Wallpaper

Although wallpaper is often seen as old fashioned, you don’t have to stick to the same old patterns. Select bold geometric shapes or a forest-themed wallpaper to go with your white cabinets. There are many wallpapers rated for use in wet areas, so you can easily use it in the kitchen behind the sink.

7. Seating

If you have seating in the kitchen, that’s another avenue to add color. Counter height stools and bar stools often come in a wide variety of colors to suit any kitchen style. From shiny metallic gold to wrought iron or even modern glass/plastic, there’s sure to be something to suit your kitchen.

8. Cabinet doors


Some white kitchens have several shades of white – from the cabinet fronts to the countertops, and even the walls. If your cabinet doors are in need of a refresh anyway, then it’s a good idea to go for darker shades this time. That way your countertops and walls get a chance to shine.

9. Window treatments

If you’re lucky enough to have windows in the kitchen, why not showcase them with unique window treatments? You can use curtains, venetian or roman blinds, or shutters in bright blue or yellow to add color. 

10. LED lights or pendant lights

When thinking of adding color, don’t forget the lighting. You can get pendant lights in many colors and shapes to suit. Whether you hang one large oversized light above the island or have several smaller ones throughout the kitchen it’s an opportunity not to be wasted.

If your budget allows it, you can also opt for modern LED under-cabinet lights that can change colors. Then you can change colors depending on your mood and stick to just one!

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