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Stylish ways to revamp the bathroom

30 October 2020

Does your bathroom feel old, cramped, and outdated? It’s no surprise that bathroom remodels are high on the priority list for everyone. But even if you cannot afford a full-scale renovation project or live in a rented space, you can still revamp the bathroom with a few simple changes. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything on this list. Take a look at what needs updating as well as your budget. Do the walls need a fresh coat of paint or do you just need to update an old faucet? Something as simple as getting new accessories or replacing the mirror and lights can make a huge difference. 

Also, evaluate other rooms in the house. Quite often you can repurpose decor and furniture items from elsewhere. No matter the design theme you go far, adding a few plants is generally a good idea. Make sure to select plants that like warmth and humidity. Plants add a pop of color, freshen stale air, and will lift your spirits along the way. 

Add some traditional or natural elements

Podium Bathtub with storage

Just like plants, natural elements like wicker and wooden accents work well in bathrooms. Just look at what needs updating in the existing space. If you have an ugly exposed pipe, cover it up with some rope for insulation and good looks. Replace an ordinary towel rod with a wooden ‘ladder’ to display your beautiful towels. 

Alternatively, you can brighten up the room by painting the walls a warm yellow, brown, or other earthy colors. Darker hues can make a small room feel even smaller, so be careful about selecting the right shade. 

Add some pops of color

A lot of bathrooms have the same old white porcelain or stainless steel accessories. Liven up the bathroom by bringing in some bright colors like fire engine red or sunflower yellow. Instead of having to paint the entire room, you just need to paint your accessories! Get a can of paint in your favorite color and update the towel rod, toilet paper hanger, trash can, and anything else you can find!

You can also dress up a plain vanity, medicine cabinet, or bathtub with some paint or quirky decals. You can easily make an old vanity look like a designer piece with some paint or stick-on designs. Try replacing the cabinet knobs or handles with nicer ones for an instant upgrade. Even if the basic palette doesn’t change, adding a few pops of color will update the bathroom.

Go for the industrial look

modern bathroom accessories white bowl sink

If your bathroom has exposed pipes, a radiator, or other industrial elements, try leaning into it instead of covering them up. Go for the industrial feel with matte black or oil rubbed bronze faucets, some grey accents, and a colorful shower curtain. 

Another important part is lighting and mirrors. A small bathroom can benefit from a big mirror that reflects lights and will make it feel larger. You can replace your existing light fixture with something more modern. Opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs on the walls instead of the old fashioned top-down fixture that focuses a harsh glare on your face.

Clean up and organize

The bathroom can still look dated and feel cramped if it’s cluttered with stuff. A quick clean up of your vanity and medicine cabinet can do wonders for this space. Get rid of stuff you don’t use regularly or hide them away in matching containers. Consistency and color is the key here. If your makeup and bath products look nice, then get some clear glass or plastic containers. Otherwise use wicker baskets or cloth boxes to hide stuff away. 

Another thing that can instantly lift up the bathroom is to invest in a nice shower curtain. Find a nice pattern or even a scene that complements the existing color scheme. As a bonus, the shower curtain can hide a particularly bad shower stall or old bathtub as well.

Bring in a couple of purely decorative items

In a small bathroom, counter space is precious. But that doesn’t mean you should only have functional pieces. A few picture frames on the wall or a scented candle will add a touch of flair to the room. You can try hanging some non-traditional items on the walls as well like your collection of seashells or that funny quote your family loves.

Every bathroom needs a mat with an anti-skid grip. But no one said it has to be boring. Opt for a mini-living room rug in bright colors for a stylish update. 

Don’t go overboard though. Scatter a few pieces here and there to update the utilitarian nature of the bathroom. You can also try recreating your favorite spa experience with fluffy towels, flowers, scents, and some music. Remember that you don’t need thousands of dollars to turn your bathroom into an inviting and relaxing place. 


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