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Small Upgrades to the home for the Holidays

17 November 2020

As the days get colder and the nights longer, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your home for the festive season. As friends and family get together over the holidays, your home will see more traffic. So why not take the opportunity to refresh your home with festive decor?

Simple festive updates


Upgrade the guest bathroom

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or overnight visitors, your guest bathroom is going to be busy. Many people update their kitchen or bedroom but hardly any thought goes into the guest bathroom. So take this chance to introduce some festive cheer here. You don’t have to start an extensive remodeling project here unless the room is in desperate need of one. 

What you can do is give it a deep cleaning, swap out the guest towels to something a bit more festive, and add some new decor. Scented candles, a bowl with mints and tissues, etc. will go a long way to provide a welcoming ambiance for your guests.

Bring in the festive decor!

Fabrics and linens are an easy win when you want to update any room without spending too much time, money, or effort. Switch out the couch covers for more festive ones in green or reddish hues. If you don’t have slipcovers for the couch, you can also get festive looking hand towels for the kitchen and bathroom. Silver, gold, green, and red are all excellent colors for some mugs, dishes, or mats that will fit right in for the season!

Festive lights

What could be more festive than sparkly lights? Spring for some LED light strings you can wrap around your mailbox, front doorposts, or even on the fence. No one said your lights should only hang from the roof!

Declutter and organize

This is a simple tip for the holiday season that’s often forgotten. Declutter and organize your rooms for the holiday season. Free up space on the shelves or tables and instantly make your home feel welcoming and festive.

Bust out the scented candles and fresh flowers

The holiday season can be frantic for many people, so it’s a good idea to find some time to relax and enjoy the season. Welcome guests and help them relax by lighting some scented candles. You don’t need seasonal scents although many brands sell delightful aromas just for the festive season. An assortment of fresh-cut flowers in bowls or vases in the kitchen and living room and also do wonders for holiday stress. 

Holiday reno projects

The above tips are things you can do without spending a lot of time or money on it. But what if you’re ready for some serious renovating for the holidays? Here are a few ideas that might work:

Set up a bar cabinet

What better idea than to set up a dedicated bar corner for your dinner guests? It can be something as simple as a corner shelf in the dining room or an elaborate cabinet filled with your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Stock it with glasses, fresh drink ingredients, and some snacks for your guests to help themselves while you’re busy rustling up dinner.

Decorate the kitchen island

During the holidays the kitchen island becomes the center of attention. Whether you are baking cookies or getting dinner ready, the kitchen island is going to be the centerpiece. So why not deck it up for the holidays? A few lights, festive stickers, or even a new countertop can help it look ready for the new year. 

Spruce up your chairs

With parties and dinner throughout the festive season, you might want to have extra seating around the home. But what if you have a collection of mismatched chairs that are not part of a set? It’s easy to make them all look coordinated if you dress them up in comfortable cushions in a matching pattern or use new slipcovers. You can also get some extra counter stools that can work as seating in a pinch.

Get new backsplash

Backsplash in the kitchen is often useful but it can also be an interesting design choice. Replace or put up new backsplash in bright colors to complement your white kitchen or dress up the boring wall paint. You can opt for expensive tiles or spring for some peel and stick backsplash which are often available in brilliant colors.

Replace the faucet


This one can be a little more time-consuming but it’s both a functional and aesthetic upgrade. If you are laboring with a leaky faucet or a sink that’s just not wide enough for your dishes, now’s the time to upgrade. Switch to a deeper sink or one with 2 bowls so you can prep and clean at once. 

Before you dive headlong into decorating, remember that you don’t have to splurge on expensive items or fill your house with knick-knacks. A few small changes here and there is often sufficient to give that festive touch.

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