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Tips to maximize space in a small kitchen

28 March 2019

Kitchens – no matter how large or small – are all about function. Most of us also like a beautiful and stylish kitchen to match the rest of our house. But what if you have a tiny kitchen? Decorating can often take a backseat when you don’t have enough storage or counter space for your utensils.

A tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality or that you can’t make it look good. Combine these space-saving tips with design illusions that will make your small kitchen look and feel bigger than it is!

Make It Look Bigger

Go for the Minimalist Look

Most kitchen cabinets come with handle both doorknobs. But in a small kitchen, you’ll keep bumping into them more often than not. Go for a minimalist look with built-in handles for cabinetry. Sleek lines without any breaks will reduce visual clutter without sacrificing functionality. Pair the no-handles look with a glossy finish for a striking design.

Pastel Colors and Mirrors

The simplest trick to making a small space big is to use mirrors. Combine several small ones into your own design above the sink or put up a large mirror in a narrow space. Add splashes of color with pastel shades like butter yellow or light blue for a kitchen that feels spacious. Stick to a limited color palette and use shades of the same color instead of going for a rainbow mix.

Open up the Kitchen

If you can, get rid of the door or even knock down an entire wall to open up the kitchen to the rest of the house. An open concept kitchen is more than about style, it will make your tiny space part of something bigger. Removing a wall can also free up space for a small kitchen island which will give you more storage.

Use Lighting

Lights will also help your tiny kitchen look and feel big. Go for under the shelf lights or even LED strips inside cabinets to light everything up. Highlight visually pleasing pieces like crystal glasses or other transparent items. Clear and transparent pieces will make the room look spacious.



Make It Feel Bigger

Go Vertical

The biggest secret to maximizing space in a small kitchen is to go vertical. The walls are not just a place to hang a calendar or clock. There are so many things you can hang from your walls instead – pots and pans on a rack, a magnetic knife rack, pot lids, oven mitts, and potholders etc. You don’t have to stop with a single rack either. Put up 3 or 4 rods to double or triple your storage space instantly!

Keep Going up

Why stop your cabinets and shelves a foot away from the ceiling? Use floor to ceiling length cabinets for that much needed extra space. Even if you cannot reach them easily, you can store rarely used items or appliances up there. Alternatively, you can put shelves on top to display decor items while freeing up other wall space for storage.

Increase Counter space

Counter space is often at a premium in a small kitchen. What can you do to get more of it? One way is to use an under mount sink with a single bowl. Going this route instead of the more traditional two bowl arrangement can give you extra space (up to a foot!)

Another tip to maximize counter space is to keep it empty.  It’s tempting to display your appliances on the counter but do you really need that KitchenAid mixer every day? Keep your daily used tools within reach and hide the rest away behind closed doors.

Use Hidden Nooks and Crannies

Look for unused spaces in your kitchen like the inside of cabinet doors and the underside of shelves. You can get kitchen and pantry organizers that go over doors or hang under shelves to add storage. A single over the door wire organizer can hold your spices and canned goods, freeing up valuable shelf space!

Cut Out the Clutter

The fewer things you have, the less space you need to put them. Maximize your storage and counter space by reducing the things you have in the kitchen. Let your appliances pull double duty instead of buying a single purpose tool for every little thing. Get rid of duplicates or poor quality items. Invest in high-quality tools that get the job done.

For example, three or four high-quality kitchen knives will serve you better than a 21 piece knife set from the supermarket. Invest in a multipurpose processor and blender rather than two separate machines.


A small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your appliances and dishes. Know your requirements and plan accordingly. Use limited colors, reduce clutter, and maximize wall storage to create the kitchen of your dreams, no matter the size!

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