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The Latest Trend: Matte Black Accents

30 April 2019

If any single trend has dominated the design world for the last decade, it’s minimalism. You could see examples everywhere: from fashion to interior design. Millennials as a group have embraced the trend of less clutter wholeheartedly and it’s not hard to see why. But minimalism is more than just throwing out stuff you don’t need.

Minimalism extends to interior decor and design in surprising ways. It manifests in clean unbroken lines, industrial designs and using more natural materials like wood or stone. A number of kitchen and bathroom decor trends exemplify the minimalist philosophy. Open shelves, handle-less drawers, clutter-free countertops are examples that spring to mind.

Matte Black Accents and Accessories

While many people assume minimalism limits the scope of interior design, it’s actually the opposite. Minimalistic design can serve to highlight select aspects of your home. Consider the latest design trend making its way into kitchens and bathrooms: matte black accents.

Most homeowners hesitate to use black extensively for a reason. It comes across as dark and is quite a bold color. Added to that is that fact that recent kitchen designs leaned more towards white and airy colors. But black is making a re-appearance in surprising new ways.

While you could install a black bathtub or kitchen cabinets, you don’t always want a big renovation project. Using matte black accents is a great way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive at all. Here are a few ways you could use matte black in your home:

Matte Black Kitchen Accents

  • Faucet

Faucets are probably the best way to use matte black in the kitchen. Whether you have a single hole, widespread or wall mounted faucet, you can get it in matte black. Several brands, have started offering their major products with the latest black finish. At Mondial, you can find a variety of faucets, from single hole lavatory faucets, to a widespread faucet, or even a wallmount faucet. These matte black faucets can complement any kitchen design. Especially if you have an all-white or pastel color scheme going on.


  • Appliances – toaster, coffee maker, blender

Another easy way to use matte black is through your small countertop appliances. A toaster or coffee maker with matte black handles or finish is a good choice. If any of your appliances are on the verge of giving out, search for a replacement with matte black accents. There’s no need to rush out and buy a new toaster just for the sake of it!

Matte Black Bathroom Accents

  • Showerhead

Have you been waiting for a chance to update the showerhead? Here’s your chance to use matte black in the bathroom. A matte black showerhead will work with most color palettes. If your bath decor is minimalistic, then it will stand out. On the other hand, bold colors elsewhere will allow the black showerhead to fade into the background. Either way, matte black works!

  • Tub Fillers

Getting a new tub is expensive but not if you just want to replace the tub fillers. Whether you have the more traditional 3 piece set or a wall mount option, you can always get a replacement in matte black finish. Just updating a few accents here and there can completely transform your bathroom.

Matte Black Accessories

What if you want an even easier way to use this latest design trend in your home? After all, you may have just completed updating your kitchen or bathroom. Or maybe you’re just looking for inexpensive ways to use matte black. If that’s what you want, accessories are the way to go.

For the bathroom, consider replacing small things like the towel rack. You might have a rod, rack or plain hook for towels in your space. Whatever it is, you can find a matte black option in your favorite style. Try getting a matte black soap stand or dish as well for a coordinated look. You could even get a tall black toothbrush holder to complete the update.

As for the kitchen, you have different options here too. You can get a few bowls or vases in the matte black finish. Spread them out on the counter or even the table. Take a look around your kitchen and see what else you can change. How about a new stand for your knives in matte black? A cutlery holder for spoons and forks in matte black would look stylish as well.

Wall decor is another area you can update, in both the kitchen and bathroom. Picture frames in matte black will highlight any art piece or photograph on the wall. You can also get several frames in different sizes if you have multiple pieces. Create a collage effect and display your collection for everyone to see.


There you have it. From matte black accents to smaller accessories, you don’t have to spend much to get the latest designs into your home!

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