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Go Marbles Over Marble

29 January 2019

Marble is a classic element in many kitchen designs. It’s been a popular choice for decades but more recently, other materials like granite and quartz have garnered attention in the kitchen. But if you really like the look of marble, it’s all set to make a comeback! Nothing beats the look and feel of natural marble, especially in the kitchen which is often the heart of a home.

Some kitchens have marble everywhere – from the countertops to the backsplash. But you don’t have to do it this way. Use the material sparingly to create focal points or to bring attention to specific features in your kitchen. Match the marble backsplash to your cabinets or select a contrasting color for dramatic effect. There are just so many ways to use marble in a modern kitchen, the possibilities are endless!

Colors and Design

Marble is the whitest natural stone you can get, there’s nothing else that even comes close. But it’s not the only color marble comes in. Most people can only think of marble as a white stone with grayish veins. There’s more to marble than simply white.


Go to your local store or check out online websites for the sheer variety of designs you can get the stone in. Mondial carries a wide range of marble to suit your needs – from traditional white to more earthy tones of oranges and browns. Whether your kitchen features dark wood or is light and airy, you can find a marble to complement it.

Where to Use Marble

There are 3 main areas you can use marble – for the countertop, backsplash or the floor.

Quite a few kitchens feature a marble countertop or island as the focal point. It’s quite understandable as these features get most of the attention. If you have a statement please that you must absolutely have in the kitchen, it’s better to plan your design around it. For example, do you have an heirloom table or counter from your grandmother? Select your marble to complement the color or design.

The backsplash is another area where marble really shines. The whole purpose of having backsplash is to provide visual effect and there is nothing more stunning than this soft stone. The biggest advantage of marble over man-made stones is the natural veining that comes in marble. No two marble pieces will be exactly alike, even though manufacturers can get you a close match if you need. The longer the pieces you can get the better since you don’t have to worry about matching the end designs.

The kitchen gets a lot of traffic throughout the day, especially if you have children and pets. The natural stone feels cool to the touch and is a great choice if you live in a warmer area. But you may not want a marble floor if it snows half the year where you live. Not a lot of people use marble for kitchen flooring but that doesn’t mean you cannot. Good quality marble is nonporous and won’t allow stains to settle. You also don’t have to worry about wear and tear showing up. All said and done, marble is a great choice for using anywhere in your kitchen.

Caring for Marble


In spite of its popularity in kitchens, marble does have some cons. It is a softer stone than other favorite materials like granite and also more porous. This means it is easy to chip or break an edge, especially on the countertops. However, it’s also a material that is quite easy to work with. There’s a reason why marble is so popular for culture and other types of art. With modern tools and techniques, manufacturers are offering multiple ways to reduce the effects of chipping.

But marble is quite porous and that’s bad news in a kitchen. Spills and stains are common on the countertop. Oils can easily seep into the pores and spoil the look of your marble. That is why most companies recommend sealing the stone. Once the sealing process is complete, you don’t have to worry about spills and stains.

You can get polished marble which gives a shiny finish or honed marble which is matte. The latter is usually a better choice for kitchen counters, as acid spills tend to dull the surface. On a white matte surface, such stains will stand out less than on a shiny surface.

Like any other material, you should regularly clean your countertops. You don’t have to use strong detergents on marble. In fact, most manufacturers will advise against it. The best combination to clean your marble countertops is warm water and dish soap. It’s also for the best if you clean up any spills immediately, especially if it is something acidic like lemon juice or vinegar.

Many people think that marble requires extensive maintenance. The reality is that marble is quite easy to take care of. So if you’ve always wanted marble in your kitchen, go for it!

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