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Choosing The Right Bathtub For Your Space

29 January 2019

A shower is the quickest way to get clean. Most people don’t have the luxury of spending even five extra minutes to relax in the morning. But when you have more time? A relaxing soak in the tub is absolutely the way to go. The bathtub is often the centerpiece of a bathroom’s design, dictating the overall theme.

Are you embarking on an extensive remodel or simply replacing an old tub? Select the right bathtub for your space with the following tips:

Remember Existing Constraints

You can’t always get your dream tub. It may be too expensive. Or you may not have the space for it. Moving a tub’s location means putting in new plumbing which can add to the cost. It’s also a good idea to check your local building codes before changing anything. Even the capacity of your water heater will influence your choice.

If you’re just replacing an existing tub, your choices may be limited by the existing location, shape, and installation type. But for a bigger remodel, you have more alternatives. You have a choice of shapes, types, materials, and colors to match your design vision.


Types of Bathtubs


These are the most common tubs you can find and also the easiest to install. You can find one of these at your local home improvement store. They are budget-friendly, designed to maximize space, and do not need specialty faucets. These tubs come in a variety of shapes to suit your space. For instance, the Neptune Rouge podium style bathtub is a rectangle shape, very different from the more common oval tubs.


This style of tub is also easy to install and gives a very finished look to the bathroom. You simply drop the tub into the finished enclosure. You can match the enclosure to coordinate with your counter, cabinets or any other feature.


These tubs do not sit flush with the wall and are more statement pieces than bathroom fixtures. They are finished on all sides, so you decide where it goes in the room. You can even position one in the center of the room and make it the focal point. Take a look at the Aktuell floor standing tub if you opt for this style. It is a deep tub and comes with a pop-up drain plug. With a glossy white finish, you will invite people just to check out the tub!

What Features Do You Need?

No two bathrooms are the same. The master bath is your personal space to unwind and relax at the end of a stressful day. But the tub in your other bathroom may serve a more utilitarian purpose like bathing your kids or pets. You might want a whirlpool tub with built-in speakers and digital controls for your master bath but not for the other rooms!

Soaking Tubs

These basic tubs don’t have many features. You fill it up with water and get in for a soak. Maybe you add some bubbles and scented oils But that’s about it. It also means that they require the least maintenance, with no extra pipes or filters to clean.

Whirlpool Tubs

These tubs offer everything from hydro jets to built-in music systems. They can be tricky to install compared to soaking tubs and need more space. You should also clean them regularly otherwise, the jets can get clogged and dirty. However, this is the closest you can get to a spa in your own home!

Options for these tubs include massage jets, air jets, chromotherapy, music systems, and digital screen controls. Air jets can be more sanitary than water jets and you can even use them to dry the tub after use. Chromotherapy gives you underwater LED lights to suit your mood. From vibrant red to soothing blue, it’s your choice!

Walk-In Tubs

Getting in and out of tubs can be tricky, it’s not easy for everyone. That’s why you have walk-in tubs that have small doors on the side. It makes it easy for small children or senior citizens to get in and out safely. Typically they also come with ADA compliant features like non-slip floors and wide edges for seating etc.

Punch Up The Style


There are ways to take your bathroom up a notch with bathtubs. For instance, you can coordinate your bathtub with the rest of the bathroom features like counters, cabinets, faucets etc. You can also opt for contrast, so your bathtub is the centre of attention.

Try going for unusual materials like stone composite which is durable and friendly to the environment. For old-school luxury, nothing beats the copper clawfoot tub. They’re often extra deep and have raised edges to support your back and neck.

How about a non-traditional hand painted bathtub? These new tubs are all about making a style statement. Check out these two models from Aquabrass – the Kanvas Mosiak and Kanvas Pax. The Pax will suit an elegant bathroom with understated style while the Mosiak gives a more modern vibe.

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