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Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

21 November 2018

Bathroom renovations can be expensive, not to mention time-consuming. What if you don’t have the time to spend three months on upgrading your bathroom? Any upgrade that you think of should fit within your budget as well. But not all upgrades have to break the bank.

Read our list for ideas on how to update your bathroom on a small budget. Most of these projects don’t need much time either. Making a few changes can breathe new life into an old bathroom. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Don’t Move the Big Stuff

The single biggest reason that bathroom renovations are so expensive is moving stuff around. Especially if that means laying new pipes or shifting old ones. Re-tiling the entire floor and walls can also add to the cost. Instead, think outside the box. You don’t necessarily have to move the bathtub or shower to get a new look.

Paint the Walls

Older bathrooms can look and feel dreary. Spruce it up with a new color (or two) on the walls. Even painting one focus wall will draw attention away from older constructions. Bright, bold colors will make any bathroom look more modern than it is. Create your own designs by painting stripes or other patterns.

Use Tiles


source: geotiles collection 2016

Not too keen to paint? Use some wall tiles in complementary or contrasting colors in the bathroom. Don’t pick walls that are usually hidden behind the shower curtain or cabinets. Use some plain tiles in vibrant colors to create your own design on the walls! Or pick out a design like the Pinwheel or Spa Glass and just stick them where you want.

Pick One Big Item


It could be the vanity, a new countertop or a sink. One expensive item will let you get away with inexpensive accessories around it. Splurge on a nice sink and you won’t have to spend much on the countertop. Upgrade the vanity cabinet and no one’s looking at the faucet anymore! The key is to focus on one thing in the bathroom.

Replace Smaller Items

Alternatively, you can replace smaller items throughout the bathroom. Instead of one focal piece, change all the faucets and showerheads. A chrome faucet from Aquabrass with matching shower head in the same finish can work wonders! Get a new shower curtain with a fancy design. Throw in some towels in coordinating colors and you have a brand new bathroom!

Bring Some Furniture

Do you know what’s the difference between a luxury bathroom and a plain old one? It’s that feeling you get of walking into a spa or lounge. If you have space, bring in some living room or bedroom furniture pieces. A small chair and table or a side desk with bathroom accessories can make a world of difference. Don’t have the space for a chair? Use furniture that can do double duty. A narrow ottoman with storage can fit almost anywhere.

Add Wall Storage or Display

Most people ignore the vertical space in their home i.e. the walls. If you don’t have space on the floor, build some shelves on the walls. Above the door or next to a mirror are obvious places you can look at. Display artwork, store towels or show off your toiletries collection!

Add a few small plants or decorative items. Print out family or vacation photos in black and white and display them. You can also frame your children’s artwork to go on the walls. Who says you’ve to only stick them on the fridge? Instantly transform your bathroom with small but personal touches.

Fancy a Mirror or Two?

Jazz up your bathroom with a huge statement mirror. Add some lights around the edges or a fancy lamp as the focus. You can even add two mirrors if you want to make your small bathroom look bigger.

What if you like the mirror that’s already there? You can still add a new touch with a frame or a coat of paint. Wooden frames or metal brackets at the corners can turn a plain mirror into a design statement. You can even ‘frame’ the mirror with a few tiles around the border for an instant upgrade!

So there you have it. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like place with one or more inexpensive upgrades.

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