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The 2019 Kitchen Trends To Look Out For

14 December 2018

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen this year? It can be surprisingly hard to choose a theme and color palette for your dream kitchen. Why is that? For one thing, the kitchen is the centerpiece in most homes. The decor and colors you choose in the kitchen often flow into the adjoining living areas like the family room or dining area. So it can be hard to decide on specific colors or appliances since it affects more than just the one room.

The other reason is that kitchen renovations are expensive. If you don’t like the results or use outdated materials, colors, and even appliances, you can’t just change them. That’s why most people want to know design trends for the year – what’s in and what’s out. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a trendsetter or even a follower,  it’s still useful information. After all, you don’t want to date your kitchen within a few months of extensively renovating it.

So here’s a sneak peek at the latest kitchen trends for 2019!

Colorful Kitchens


source: blanco germany

If you’ve been following design trends for the last few years, you know that all white kitchens have been quite the rage. From white cabinets to the paint on the walls, a white kitchen looks bright and sparkling. As any self-respecting cook knows, white kitchens can be a pain to maintain as they stain easily. But still, you saw white kitchens everywhere.

Well not anymore. If there’s one thing you have to keep in mind about future trends, it’s that colorful kitchens are here to stay. Whether you go for warm and earthy colors like reds, oranges, and browns or cool tones like dark blues and olive greens, color is in. And you don’t have to stop at colorful walls or cabinets. Let your imagination run wild and choose a variety of tones for the backsplash, tiles, countertops, and yes. Even appliances.

Stainless Steel No Longer the Default Finish

For a while there, stainless steel appliances were the ultimate kitchen trend. Many people doubted if it would ever go away. That time has now come. From luxury brands to budget ones, every company is keen to offer appliances in a riot of colors. You can choose to coordinate all your appliances in the same color palette. Or select a bright stove and hood combo and design the rest of the kitchen around them.

Moroccan/Spanish Tiles

Blanco Mini Culina 401568

source: blanco germany

How much time have you spent thinking about the backsplash in your kitchen? It’s not something most people spend a lot of time on. But maybe this overlooked part of the kitchen is the perfect place to focus your attention on in 2019. Bright and bold splashes of color are the order of the day here.

Moroccan and Spanish tiles or mosaic designs are one of the hottest kitchen trends right now. Whether you have a small area or a quite large canvas to work with, the backsplash can finally get the attention it deserves!

No Upper Cabinets

Cabinets are a must have in any kitchen. You can never have enough storage, can you? Open cabinets have been reigning for quite some time though. It’s a great choice for minimalist kitchens or if you want to show off your fancy dishware.

But what if wanted to get rid of your upper cabinets altogether? Now’s your chance. Designers are opting for a cleaner look in the kitchen by eliminating upper cabinets. So what can you do for storage? Freestanding cabinets and large kitchen islands are great storage solutions. You’ll find that removing upper cabinets can make even a small kitchen appear much larger than it is. Who wouldn’t want that?

Gold/Copper Finishes

Speaking of kitchen trends, gold and copper finishes are quickly becoming popular. Whether it is copper faucets or golden trim, luxury metal finishes are everywhere. Fortunately, they go well with a range of colors. So whether your cabinet doors are black, blue, or green, copper or even brass touches can take your kitchen to the next level. Don’t hesitate to experiment either. These finishes are not hard to maintain or clean. So there is no excuse to avoid them any longer!

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