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Trends to look out for in 2021

30 December 2020

To say 2020 has been strange would be the understatement of the year. We’ve all seen our share of ups and downs in a pandemic that has left no life untouched. With most families spending all their time in the house, our relationship with home design has changed. Many of us are re-inventing our living spaces to become more things at once – the living room/home office, the dining table/online school, and many more such combinations. 

As we prepare to step into a hopefully better new year, here are the design trends to look out for in 2021.

Minimalist Garden


Minimalism as a trend may be past its peak but it doesn’t mean clutter is back in. Between working from home, online schooling, and virtual socializing, organized spaces with minimal clutter is the way to go. The key is to be conscious of the ‘less is more’ philosophy but avoid the stark and sparse rooms of true minimalist decor. 

Another trend that will make waves in 2021 is the use of green – whether in terms of color or greenery. From soothing wall colors or soft green kitchen cabinets, there are many ways to introduce a touch of green. And no more fake plants. Bring plants indoors to soften harsh lines and bring a natural vibe to any design choice.

Warm Earth Tones


Thanks to the pandemic, using warm tones is set to make a big splash. From rustic reds to muted yellows, expect to see warm and earthy tones pop up everywhere. This fits right in with other design trends of using natural and sustainable materials as well. While there is a time and place for calming blues and cool greys, 2021 will not be it. We want our homes to be cozy, comforting, and a place to rest. What better way to achieve that than with rich, earthy color palettes?

Contrast items/walls

The strictly monochromatic color schemes of the 2010s are definitely out. All-white kitchens or bedrooms will start to look dated by 2021 and will definitely not make a comeback anytime soon. But if you have rooms that largely stick to one color, then liven things up by adding a pop of color in a few chosen spots. A brightly colored vase with flowers or a strategically placed piece of art will make any room trendy.



One of the biggest trends to hit 2021 is going to be everything old. Vintage pieces that have meaning and memories attached will be all the rage. Think antique furniture, wall fixtures, repurposed pieces, or anything salvaged. It shouldn’t be surprising as older trends have started to make a comeback throughout this year. In the midst of a global healthcare crisis, it looks like we need some nostalgia to get us through the tough times. 

Easy to clean materials

It shouldn’t come as anything of a shock to see that many of the design trends in 2021 will be affected/inspired by this year’s pandemic. From cozy comfort pieces to using more sustainable materials, all of it comes back to our experiences this year. The emphasis on cleaning our hands and homes will translate to easier to care materials being used around the home. You want fabrics that will resist stains or make it easy for you to clean them. Non-porous materials like glass and metals will dominate as they are easier to wipe down.

Closed or semi-open floor plans


With everyone from working parents to kindergarten kids staying at home and doing all their activities in one space, the reign of the open floor plan is set to end. Families are realizing the value of having a door to close between working spouses or the kids on their daily zoom call with teachers. Whether you want some privacy for a client meeting or you’d rather not listen to the kids studying online, it’s always handy to have a wall, windows, or doors to separate different rooms. Don’t worry if you have an open living space, just add a divider or two to keep things separate. 

Multifunctional spaces

While closed layouts are set to make a comeback, it’s not going to be overnight. Along with that transformation, people are wanting to create multi-functional spaces around the house. You don’t need a dedicated room for socializing, working, eating, and cooking along with everything else we need to do indoors. Combining different activities in one space will be the name of the game in 2021.

Sustainable furniture and furnishings

The grip of fast furniture is rapidly fading as well. Families will choose to invest in solid and sustainable furniture that will last a lifetime and create memories. No more cheaply made furniture that will not even last one move! People are more conscious than ever about their environmental impact and are actively choosing long-term sustainability over short-term monetary savings.

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