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Three Design Trends to Consider for Your Next Renovation

26 January 2021

Major home decor trends don’t change that often which means you can keep your current look going for a few years at least. You can also tweak or refresh any space by changing smaller elements like a curtain or accessories. But what if your bathroom is due for a renovation? If you’re looking for design trends and ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Bright and Modern


The last year saw an increased awareness of hygiene, especially in places where we spend the most time like our homes. No remodel would be complete in 2021 without considering ease of cleaning and anti-microbial materials. A bright and modern bathroom or kitchen can help you keep a clean space instead of worrying about germs. 

Light walls are a must if you’re planning to go down this route but you don’t have to stick to white. Light shades like cream, ivory, beige, etc. work just as well. The idea is to create a spacious room with a focus on cabinets or bath accessories like the tub. Large patterned tiles on the wall feel luxurious with fewer grout lines. You can say goodbye to tiny mosaic tiles which can be hard to keep clean.

With light walls, you can use much darker cabinets and vanities. Consider deep blues, greens, or warmer earth tones for good contrast. Metallic accents like knobs and handles add a classy touch. 

Bohemian Dreamland

Mid Century modern furniture and design is all the rage at present. Create a bohemian dreamland by mixing clean lines with eccentric touches like a traditional carpet or patterned tile. Another great idea is to use plants and natural materials like bamboo in the bathroom. Bamboo floors and cabinets make the bathroom more inviting and add warmth. 

You can create a jungle paradise or an eclectic wonderland by using the right mix of whimsy and tradition. Hanging plant pots, warm earthy colors, and bright patterns will liven up the bathroom.

Luxury in marble


Natural stone or stone-like materials will always be in style. But designers are often coming up with fresh new ways to use them. That’s why marble and quartz vanities are becoming popular. After all, these materials work well as kitchen countertops, so why not extend their use to the bathroom?

How you use marble depends on your vision for the space. There are different colors and tile sizes when it comes to marble due to its growing popularity. Marble tiles look good and luxurious without dominating the entire room.


Design elements

Freestanding tubs and vessel sinks


Some elements can be used in any design such as freestanding tubs or vessel sinks. Once considered a luxury, these elements are now within reach for the average homeowner. White freestanding tubs are especially popular as they can fit in smaller spaces and still look beautiful. A freestanding tub also does not mean it has to be in the center of the room. There are different shapes of freestanding tubs, from rectangle to oval. Play around with different positions to see what works for your space.

What are vessel sinks? These modern sinks are very different from your standard drop-in or under-mount sinks. You may have seen them in magazines or open houses. A vessel sink is basically a bowl that sits on top of the vanity or counter. You can use any material for a vessel sink, although glass, metal, and ceramic are the most popular.

These are decorative sinks, often found in powder rooms where the sink doesn’t see much use. These sinks add height so shorter people like children might have difficulties using them. Freestanding tubs and vessel sinks can work with both modern and more traditional design trends.

Plenty of storage

As with other areas of the home, bathrooms are moving away from the minimalist trend. As we spend more time at home in 2020, homeowners are realizing the value of practical storage solutions. Cabinets allow you to store things out of sight and make it easier to clean the room. 

The more stuff you leave on the counter, the more dust and germs collect on them. It’s also more difficult to clean around these items as you have to clear them all before wiping down the counter. Keep essentials on the vanity and put away other items in cleverly hidden cabinets or other storage solutions. 

Hidden storage that makes use of vertical space, behind the door or above the toilet can maximize storage without feeling cluttered. So you can hang an over the closet organizer that hides behind the bathroom door for small items like a blow dryer or curling iron. Floor to ceiling cabinets can make a bold design statement while concealing all your clutter!

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