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Perfecting the beach house style

15 June 2020

Summer is the perfect time for a beach vacation and that’s what a lot of people do each year. But what if you can’t make it to the beach whenever you like? Bring the beach house style into your home for a change. Some people like the beach house aesthetic so much that they incorporate it into their everyday living areas. 

So what can you do to celebrate the beach all year round? All it needs is a bit of inspiration and decor ideas.

Select the right colors

What colors spring to mind when you think of the beach? Most people would say blues and greens. But you don’t have to stop there. Think of all the different shades of blues, greens, and teals you could use in your beach-inspired space. You can also use soft whites, creams, yellows as well as neutrals like beige and pale grey. 

The key here is to think of soft and airy shades. You don’t really want intense colors on your walls or floor. You can certainly use them in spots around the house but for the really large areas like the walls, keep it light.

Focus on the floor

The walls and ceiling are not the only areas you can paint. Depending on your flooring materials, you can also paint a seaside mural or beach colors underneath your feet. You can try out various shades of the same color such as tan throughout the home. Or even paint in some stripes on wood to mimic planks. 

A mural with sand, shells, coral, and rocks can help you recreate the beach inside. Painted floors work especially well in the kitchen and the back or front porch.

Add texture with natural fabrics

One of the key elements of the beach house style is to bring the outdoors in. So think of using natural fabrics and materials wherever you can. Furniture made of sisal or bamboo is a great option. You don’t have to replace your existing furniture but adding one or two accent pieces can really help. 

Another idea is to use area rugs made from natural fibers like linen or jute. These rugs are durable and will instantly remind you of a beach cottage. You can also get window shades made of bamboo or linen to complete the look.

Transform furniture

What if you have perfectly good furniture that’s not ready to replace but is also not very summery? Consider painting them where appropriate. If you have salvage pieces like a chair from a garage sale, paint them in a beach-inspired color. Think of the bright orange of a beach umbrella or the jewel tones of a swimsuit. These furniture pieces will make a nice contrast to pale or pastel colors on the walls. 

If painting furniture is not an option – for a couch or other pieces – you can also slipcovers. Slipcovers are ideal as you can wash them and change them out with the season. Rotate between 1 or 2 beach colors for the summer and switch back to other shades for fall and winter. 

Get inspired by nature

There’s no better source of inspiration for home decor than the sun, sand, and sea. Think of items you might have lying around the house from your last beach vacation. Seashells, sea stars, sand dollars, coral, etc all make wonderful accessories. After they’re cleaned and bleached, you can even paint them to match the colors of your home. 

You can arrange a bunch of similar items in a group such as a bowl or on the wall. You can also spotlight a unique piece such as a seashell in an unusual shape or a brightly colored piece of coral. There are plenty of opportunities to accessorize when it comes to beach style homes so don’t limit yourself. From curtains, sheets, and furniture to coffee table books, the options are endless. 

You can even make your own scrapbook or photobook of your beach vacations to display. Arrange a few photos on the walls, especially in the kitchen or living room. It might seem like a small thing but they quickly add up to give a summer vibe.

Consider scents

When recreating the beach house style in your home, don’t overlook your sense of smell. Nothing says beach like the scents of fresh air, sunshine, and the salty smell of the ocean. Find a scent that invokes the beach and mist it in around the house. You can also spritz linens with it or use beach-scented detergent in the laundry. Other alternatives include setting out a bowl of potpourri in key areas or lighting an aromatic candle. Select an option that works for you and your family but definitely don’t use all of them at once.

Remember that the beach house style is inspired by nature so embrace imperfection. Think outside the box and don’t worry about making it look perfect!

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