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Latest Bathroom Trends Inspired by Nature

10 August 2021

After a year spent entirely inside the home, it’s no wonder decorating trends are moving towards a calm and relaxed look. This is especially true of bathrooms, which are most likely the hardest working area in your house. You start the day here and most people end it here as well. So why not create a space that you can relax in and will also rejuvenate you for the day ahead?

Nothing says rest and relaxation quite like nature. That’s why bathrooms in 2021 are taking inspiration from nature when it comes to colors, materials, and overall design. Whether you’re considering a complete redesign or just a quick update, here are a few tips to create a nature-inspired bathroom:


Use green


Perhaps the easiest way to evoke nature in your bathroom is to use a green color palette. You can use green in several ways:

  • Use dark forest green on one wall that will serve as a focus wall. Depending on your bathroom configuration, you can set off your vanity or bathtub perfectly against this background
  • Use different shades of green throughout the bathroom in the form of patterned wallpaper or even decals
  • If you want a calm and soothing room, then you can use pastel green or light green for the walls. This will work well if you intend to use dark woods elsewhere

Natural materials

Another tip is to use more natural materials where you can. Any materials that can withstand the humidity and moisture in a bathroom are good to use. Consider using wicker baskets to hold your bath accessories and cosmetics. It serves to minimize clutter on the vanity counter and introduces a warm element to the space.

Other materials that work well are wood and bamboo. If you have the room, you can add a wooden storage bench to keep extra towels and the like. You can bamboo accessories for toothbrushes, bath products, and other small items. 

If you have a huge tub that is the focus of the room, you can also use a bamboo platter to arrange bath items like bath bombs, essential oils, a book, etc. 

Add plants


Even if you have a small bathroom, you can always add a touch of greenery with potted plants. Ideally, you should select plants that like humid conditions but even succulents can work well here. For larger bathrooms, you can even hang plants from the ceiling in wicker or linen baskets.

Larger plants in big pots can also work as dividers in a large room or to create private areas within a larger bathroom. 

Use nature-inspired shapes and patterns

You would be surprised at how many ways you can use patterns and shapes within the bathroom. If you have the space for a rub, then try using one in a giant leaf shape or a carpet with small leaves as a pattern. Other ways you can use patterns are:

  • Wallpaper with leaf/garden/flower patterns
  • Select a tile pattern in greens, browns, or warm reds
  • Create your own patterns with different colored tiles

Use lighting to great effect

The smart bathroom is no longer a dream of the future. Smart bathrooms are already here, from smart speakers to play music to smart lights that change according to your mood. Lighting plays a very important role in bathroom design, so experiment with using different kinds of lights such as LED strips and color-changing smart bulbs.

You can also use hidden lights to great effect with diffuse lighting. Try using LED lights behind tall cabinets so they reflect light off the ceiling. In fact, you can also connect your lights with smart speakers so that the lighting changes with the music.

Arrange bath fixtures strategically

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, there are ways to position bath fixtures to highlight some areas. For instance, a glass-enclosed shower stall works better than a tub in a small bathroom. If you can, position the shower stall next to some windows so you get plenty of natural light.

For larger bathrooms, you can try using a bathtub that is inset into the floor or a free-standing tub. The inset bathtub will evoke a forest pool or garden lake, especially if you use decor items strategically. Arrange some potted plants next to the pool or use some blue tiles to mimic a natural pool.

A free-standing tub offers different possibilities. If you can position it in the middle of the room, it will naturally become the focus. If you have the luxury of a corner bathroom that has some privacy, you can even knock down a wall and replace it with glass. Imagine being able to relax in your tub while looking into your garden!

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