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Elevate your space with the Art Deco Style

20 July 2021

Thinking of transforming your home but bored with recent trends like minimalism? If you’re going for a luxurious or glamorous design style, look no further than Art Deco. This design trend dominated the first few decades of the 20th century. It’s one of those iconic looks that most people cannot define, yet they know it when they see it. It’s no wonder that At Deco is still popular, even a hundred years later.

If you’re someone who loves bold and dramatic spaces or you cannot pass up a geometric pattern, then Art Deco is for you. It incorporates geometric patterns, rich colors, and ornate details. An Art Deco-inspired room is luxurious and elegant, inviting and sophisticated. 

How to use Art Deco style

The Art Deco style suits larger homes perfectly with room for big furniture pieces and dramatic visual flair. It can be hard to use the Art Deco style in a smaller house or apartment but it’s not impossible. The key is to use Art Deco elements in crucial areas. If you live in a smaller space, you can always add a few touches here and there instead of redesigning your entire home.

Bold and rich colors


Art Deco throws the door wide open when it comes to selecting colors. Forget about neutrals or pastel shades. It’s all about bold, unconventional colors that add drama to ay room. If you like jewel tones or deep, dark shades, then you’ll feel right at home. Experiment to your heart’s content with forest greens, dark blues, and even black.

You can apply the color palette to your windows treatments, wall paint, or furniture. Paint one wall in a deep jewel tone and stage your biggest furniture or favorite art piece against that background. If you rent or live in a small home, try using wallpaper or decals instead of paint. If you have an entryway, foyer, or other niche areas, you can add Art Deco elements without going all out.

Geometric patterns

Art Deco style

Art Deco style

Geometric patterns and shapes tend to be unfashionable in modern home decor but not when you use them in Art Deco style. Geometric shapes can pop up anywhere from bathroom tile to furniture and mirrors. Play with unusually shaped mirrors such as large ovals or create a focus wall with smaller mirror shapes. 

You can also incorporate metallic finishes in creative ways. Gold, bronze, and copper jeweled tones feel right at home here. Where can you use these metallic finishes? Frame your artwork in a gold finish or use a coffee table with metallic accents. You can also use metallic fabrics to enhance the glam look.

Luxurious materials


Speaking of fabrics, opt for velvet or silk where possible. Art Deco emphasizes luxury and glamour and that means going for heavier fabrics. Similarly, when it comes to wood furniture, pick heavier and darker woods that lend themselves to bigger pieces. The whole effect should make you feel like you stepped into the pages of The Great Gatsby.

A large, ornate velvet couch may not be feasible for a small living room. But you can still use the same materials for a curtain or to upholster an ottoman. 

Ornate and symmetrical design

When it comes to details, the Art Deco style features ornate and intricate designs. Whether it’s bigger furniture like a couch or smaller elements like a frame, it’s all about the extras. Many designers will even change the molding and trim inside a house to achieve a complete look. 

Don’t forget to work in pairs or aim for symmetry when possible. For instance, hang two pictures on either side of the fireplace or frame a large couch with two smaller side tables. You can apply the same principle in your bedroom as well. Frame a large headboard with nightstands on either side. Or center your seating around a large mirror against one wall. 

Lighting, mirror, and glass

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to bring Art Deco into your home. Focus on light fixtures with bold shapes and reflective, metallic elements. You cal also use mirrors extensively and effectively in this style. If you’re ever dreamed of covering an entire wall with mirrors, now’s your chance! The best part of using lights in this way is that even a small room can benefit from adding a large light fixture.

Don’t forget about lights in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom as well. It’s easy to focus on a big chandelier for the living room or foyer. But smaller and more functional light can also look decorative. Try using big, brass pendant lights for the kitchen, or use metallic wall lights in the bedroom. Look for pieces that use metals and glass. If you’re on a budget, flea markets and antique shops are a gold mine for Art Deco-inspired pieces that won’t break your wallet.

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