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Going for Gold with Accessories

22 October 2019

Do you love all things shiny? Then you are in luck. Metallic accents are back in a big way in home decor. Metallic colors are having a moment in the sun. They can make any space stop and stand out. You can simultaneously make your home trendy and unique at the same time. 

But a lot of people shy away from golden accents for a single reason. It is all too easy to go over the top with it! So how do you end up with a space that is tasteful without going overboard? Keep reading for some tips.

Go Big and Bold

If you love the latest metallic trend, you don’t have to stop yourself from going all out.  As long as you’re sure about what you want, go big and bold. 

Most people think of appliances and shiny items like faucets when it comes to metallic accents. But why stop there? You can opt for a brushed gold finish on bigger spaces like the cabinets. Check out some elegant golden colors for wall paint or the backsplash.

If you use metallic colors in a big space, make sure to surround it with more muted colors. Otherwise, you could easily end up with a flashy space that reflects everything!

Accent Pieces

Not sure about the whole trend? Or maybe you don’t think it will work with your existing design. Either way, you can start off slow with a few accent pieces. An accent piece can be anything –  a decorative bowl, an art piece on the wall or the coffee table. Start from there and rearrange other items around it.

The best part about this approach is you can continue or stop right there. If updating the centerpiece is all your room needs, then you don’t have to do anything else. But if you like the finished look, you can always expand into other rooms and spaces. 



What if even an accent piece is too big for you to try? 

The easiest way to implement the metallic trend is with smaller accessories. You can update small items in your kitchen or bathroom grape easily. For example, consider the new line of Volkano accessories from Mondial. These are all available in a brushed gold finish. So you can coordinate everything and achieve a consistent look without overwhelming a room. 

A new towel bar or hook in a gold finish won’t look out of place in any bathroom. Coordinate with matching cabinet pulls for a cohesive design. Once again, you can decide to expand or quit while you’re ahead with this trend!

Consider Multiple Finishes

It’s easy to lose yourself in shiny gold decor items. But remember that gold is not the only metal out there. Many kitchen and bath accessories come in a variety of metallic finishes. Think shiny gold, reflective copper, and antique brass. Even chrome and stainless steel are metallic after all! 

Don’t think you have to stick with just one color, even in a small space like the bath or powder room. You can very easily mix-and-match several finishes. Many brands offer accessories with multiple finishes in the same item. A subtle two-tone effect adds a touch of class to any design.  

Go the DIY Route

Another option is to DIY your own accent pieces or accessories. There are several ways you can do this. The easiest is to buy metallic spray paint from the hardware store. You can spray thrift store items with brushed gold or antique copper finish yourself. This works well especially on metallic pieces like a side table, vase or bar cart. 

There are plenty of options for creative crafters and homeowners to use the metallic trend in decor. You can also make your own decor items like paper lanterns or picture frames in metallic gold finishes. All you need is the right paint or paper materials.

Use Different Textures

Metals are not the only surface you can use a golden finish on. You can also incorporate textiles into your design. Consider adding a gold rug or throw in the living room. Or maybe a shiny pillow or two will work on the couch. You can also use different items with the same finish throughout a space. For instance, a muted gold throw can pair well with a shiny gold picture frame on the wall.

Focus on the Lights

It’s easy to forget about lighting in a room. But that’s another place you can incorporate metallic accents. After all, you have lights everywhere in the house. Replacing the light fixtures – or even a few – can give you a new look without costing too much. If replacing a huge fixture is out of the question, focus on smaller ones. A few shiny fixtures in the foyer or living room may be all you need!

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