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Creating a modern bright space in your home

29 May 2020

Modern style is one of the most misunderstood decorating trends. Many people confuse modern and contemporary styles. It’s easy to see why as both words essentially mean the same thing in a dictionary. However, interior decorators will tell you that both are quite different. 

Modern vs Contemporary

The contemporary design style reflects current trends i.e, it changes with the time. The contemporary style of tomorrow may be completely different from today. It is ideal for those who wish to stay up to date with the current trends and who can afford to update their homes as trends change.

Modern style, however, is rooted in a specific time period which is the early 1900s to 1950s. It features straight horizontal and vertical lines instead of curves, smooth reflective surfaces, and neutral or natural color palettes. The design philosophy of modern style is that form follows function. In other words, furnishings should be designed to reflect their purpose. It also emphasizes clutter-free surfaces since any details that are not needed for functionality is removed. 

Who is it for?

Modern style is quite popular these days as it complements the minimalist movement as well as the concept of open design in today’s homes. Homeowners who want to stick to a specific design style that emphasizes function over purely decorative embellishments will love the modern style. If you’re tired of clutter or worried about buying too many unnecessary furnishings, the modern decor style may be right for you.

How to create a modern space

A typical modern room often features the following elements and design choices:

  • Emphasis on straight lines over curves and angles
  • No fussy embellishments or unnecessary details
  • Comfortable low-lying furniture with clean lines instead of large upholstered pieces
  • Natural materials like glass, metal, leather, and stone
  • Neutral color palette with more natural colors or even unpainted natural fibers
  • Shiny and reflective surfaces like glass, steel, and chrome
  • Lots of natural light and open windows which don’t have layered curtains or other such additions

You don’t have to stick to all of these characteristics in one room but keep them in mind when buying furniture or other decor pieces. A modern bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have luxurious curtains for privacy. You can always add in a textured rug in the living room if you think the space is too stark. As with all design ‘rules,’ it’s important to know them so you can break them in the best ways!

A modern bedroom

A good rule of thumb for a modern space is that less is more. A traditional bedroom might have a large bed along the longest wall, a couple of dressers, and a separate seating area with the standard 2 or 4 chairs. With modern decor, you don’t have to stick to expectations. Emphasize open spaces with only the pieces you need. That can mean using a single chair instead of 4 or fewer pillows on the bed. 

A modern bathroom


When decorating a bathroom in the modern style, stick to basic geometric shapes like squares and ovals. A glass shower enclosure or a freestanding tub in the center of the room is perfect for this style. Try to stick to neutral colors like tan, grey, white, black, and beige. For accent colors, try subdued reds, blues, and greens.

Emphasize the clan lines with no-handle cabinets and sink counters. Another great addition is to use wall-mounted faucets instead of the standard ones in the sink. It reduces clutter around this important space and gives an unexpected can also add a few warm touches with flowers, potted plants, and wood/leather accents throughout the room.

A modern kitchen


A modern kitchen is versatile and who doesn’t want a functional kitchen? You can use the modern design philosophy of form follows function to great effect in your kitchen. There are so many areas where you can create the modern aesthetic – from light-filled windows to flush doors on cabinets.

The color trends for 2020 include dark colors like bold blues, deep greens, and black. These are perfect to create a modern color palette throughout the room. A typical modern kitchen may feature white cabinets and dark walls with pops of blues or greens. But you don’t have to stick to just that idea. Try using white appliances or accessories on a dark countertop or vice-versa.

You can replace the typical kitchen cabinet doors with frosted or even clear glass on all sides or just a select few. Color match appliances in bold modern colors. Don’t forget the floor and backsplash as well. Simple designs featuring geometric shapes – such as subway or penny tiles – will work well in the modern kitchen. You can emphasize function and remove extraneous details in any room to fit with the modern decor style.

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