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Latest Interior Design Trend: Earth Tones

20 October 2021

Earth tones are the latest trend taking interior design by storm. It’s warm, soothing, and versatile enough to find a place in any design scheme. From minimalism to farmhouse, you can use earth tones as accent colors or as a foundation for bright pops of color. If you’re curious about earth tones and want to use them in your house, keep reading for some ideas. 

What are Earth tones?

Generally speaking, earth tones are colors you would find in nature. These shades are inspired by the outside, so think blue skies, green leaves, browns, and reds. You won’t find any neons or bright shades but earth tones can be vibrant and saturated. They tend to be warm colors but you will also find mossy greens, olives, and navy blues in earth tones. 

earth tones color palette

One thing most earth tones have in common is a brownish undertone. Turmeric, terracotta, ochre, rusty orange are examples of earth tones that can be vibrant. These colors add warmth to any room, so use them if you want cozy vibes.

Earth tones have been around for a while, so why the sudden popularity? The pandemic has forced most people to spend way more time at home than ever before. It’s not surprising that redecorating and home improvement projects have skyrocketed. Earth tones are seeing a resurgence as homeowners want their homes to feel comfortable and inviting.

Versatile fit any space or decor


Earth tones are very versatile and you can use them in any room, no matter the interior design. These shades can add warmth to a minimalist bathroom or make a traditional living room feel cozier. You can use them in a kitchen, bedroom, or library. Brown and red shades can work as a backdrop for any bright mid-century dining room and create the perfect ambiance for a farmhouse-style kitchen. You’ll never run out of ideas to use earth tones around the house   

Calm, grounded, and comforting

Earth tones are soothing to the eye, reducing visual strain. Warm browns and deep reds work well in rooms with large windows and greenery. It grounds the space, making it blend into a garden or backyard. Because these colors are what we see when we go outside, they create a sense of familiarity and comfort. With home interiors moving away from the minimalist look, warm earth shades are a welcome respite from the cool colors of the last few decades.

Neutrals with a twist

What comes to mind when you think of neutrals? White, beige, and grey. If you wish to get away from using the same neutral colors everywhere, earth tones fit the bill. Think of them as a bold neutral and you can create amazing palettes with them. They can serve as a neutral base and allow other colors to shine or work as accent colors in their own right. 

Usable in all seasons

You can use earth tones throughout the year, although fall is when these colors are most abundant in nature. Use earth tones to introduce warmth to a large and cold room, making it cozy through the winter. They also work as a wonderful backdrop to a summery color palette of blues and yellows. Earth tones will shine no matter the season. 

Earth tones in the kitchen


Earth tones can work as accent colors or a bold, neutral base. So you can paint the kitchen walls in taupe or warm brown shades. You can also choose dark cabinets and pair them with a white countertop for some vibrancy.

On a smaller scale, you can introduce earth tones by displaying accent bowls in shades of reds, browns, and golds. Showcase small appliances on the countertop and minimize the use of visible metals in the room. Try adding a washable rug or other textural contrasts for an earthy and inviting kitchen.

Earth tones in the bathroom


Most people associate earth tones with kitchens and living rooms but you can use them everywhere. Even bedrooms and bathrooms can benefit by introducing some warm earth colors. Mustard, turmeric, chocolate, and terracotta work well in bathrooms. 

If you’re building or remodeling the bathroom, you start with a blank canvas. Tiles and paint are a great way to add earth tones in browns, reds, and warm greens. You can create custom designs with multi-colored tiles or add decals to existing walls. Another easy way to add earth tones is by using unique sinks and faucets. You’re no longer restricted to boring white or steel for bathroom sinks. So choose stone or glass vessel sinks in earthy tones for the vanity. 

Even if you’re not ripping out tile or repainting the bathroom, you can add earth tones via accessories. Soap dishes, towel rods, and hooks, as well as bath towels or shower curtains, are good opportunities to use earth tones. 


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