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Father’s Day Projects for Reno Loving Dads

14 June 2019

Father’s Day is almost upon us and some are more prepared than others. Have you already picked up a nice gift for your dad? Or maybe you’ve booked a table at his favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner with the entire family. If you’re still on the lookout for a good Father’s Day gift, read on.

On this Father’s Day, why not think beyond a tie or cufflinks? Instead of getting him something from a catalog, spend some time doing a project together. It can be a good bonding experience and you get to surprise him with a thoughtful gesture. What’s more, both will end up with something you can be proud of.

So here’s a list of small projects that don’t take much time for Father’s Day.

Organize Stuff Together

By organizing stuff, we don’t mean putting away the laundry or clearing the living room. Those are the chores you do every day. Take a quick look around the house and see where Dad spends most of his time. Is it the garage or the tool shed out back? Chances are, his workstation is disorganized and cluttered.


Spend some time – maybe a few hours – clearing up his tools and organizing the space together. Pick up some storage boxes to de-clutter his workshop supplies. Or even make your own as part of your gift!

Quick Fixes in the Bathroom

If Dad is really into home improvement projects, here are a few quick fixes you can do together for the day. You can complete them in a couple of hours at the most. They won’t break the bank either.

You can replace small items throughout the bathroom for a stylish upgrade. For instance, go to the store together and pick out a nice faucet for the sink and/or shower head. Replacing either of these is a nice and easy project. Not only can you spend some time together but you can even pick up some tips from him for future projects!


If you want something even simpler or quicker, how about replacing the mirror with something different? Get a new one that’s an odd shape or reframe it for a change. If Dad likes the mirror as is, you can just add a fresh coat of paint or some tiles to update the look.


Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is another place in the home which could always use an upgrade. Pick a project that Dad has always wanted to do like install a new sink faucet. Get the supplies you need and surprise him with an offer of help. You get to spend time with him and he gets help in finishing it up quicker!

If you want a project that’s less time-consuming, how about switching out the cabinet pulls and knobs? This is a quick and easy DIY project that won’t take you much time. Enlist Dad when shopping for new knobs and don’t forget to ask Mom what she wants! A little bit of work and your kitchen will sport a new look.

Style a Bar Cart

This is a great idea if your Dad likes to entertain often. If the house just doesn’t have the space for a full-fledged bar, a bar cart is a space-efficient alternative. You can buy a new cart and repaint it with Dad’s favorite colors (maybe the colors of his sports team?).

Or sand down an old one lying around the house. Make sure to buy some of his favorite drinks and glasses. Take the time to stock it together. Once you’re done, you can both relax in the backyard or even the porch and share some more quality time!

DIY Storage Together

You can find plenty of DIY instructions online for making a toolbelt. Prep your supplies before surprising him with the project. It doesn’t even have to be for construction or woodworking tools. Whatever hobby Dad has, he’s sure to have some supplies that need a belt or some other DIY holder.

Make an outdoor cubby to hold his gardening supplies. How about a brand-new bookshelf right next to his favorite chair? Some other ideas include a handy cart for art supplies or a workbench for his homebrew setup. Get creative!

Do a Project for Him

Getting Dad a new drill or home repair kit may sound like a good idea. But why not give a gift that doesn’t involve more work for him? Select a project that he’s been meaning to do for a while but hasn’t had the time for yet. Set him up nearby in a chair or hammock with a drink and do it yourself. There’s nothing Dad likes more than to watch the kids work while giving them tips on how to do it better after all!

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