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Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen

22 June 2021

It seems everyone wants a spacious farmhouse-style kitchen that has the perfect mix of modern and rustic elements. These kitchens often star in home renovation shows and appear on magazine covers. If you getting ready to renovate or remodel your kitchen, here are a few tips to help you achieve the farmhouse look.

What is a farmhouse kitchen?

As you might guess, the farmhouse kitchen draws inspiration from the large and inviting kitchen you would find on a farm. There are a few basic elements that are almost indispensable in any farmhouse kitchen but as with all decor rules, it’s all about knowing when to break them. 

The farmhouse-style kitchen is warm and inviting, yet quite simple. It’s meant to make your guests feel at home and is often a gathering place for the family. In direct contrast to many modern kitchens with sleek stainless steel appliances and cold marble countertops, the farmhouse kitchen features warm woods and natural materials. You’ll hardly find any metallic elements in a farmhouse kitchen, except for maybe some wrought iron fixtures. 

While you can add some farmhouse elements to a small kitchen, the typical farmhouse-style kitchen tends to be spacious. They’re often large enough to incorporate an island and an overly large dining table. This decor style is quite flexible so don’t think you have to add every element listed here. Pick and choose what works for your space, even if you don’t have the ideal cooking range or apron front sink.


  • Light colors


The color palette for a farmhouse kitchen tends to be light and airy. Consider colors like yellow, jade green, light blue, or neutrals like ivory or beige for the walls. You’ll use a lot of warm woods throughout, so consider the best tones to offset it. 


  • Sinks



A farmhouse kitchen is incomplete without a sink to match. Also called apron front sinks, they are large, made of porcelain, and feature a single bowl. These sinks are typically white and hang over the top of your cabinets. If your kitchen cannot hold a farmhouse sink, then try getting a smaller one in a similar style. Most farmhouse layouts will position the sink near a window but it may not work for all homes. 


  • Hardwood floors


You’ll seldom find tile or marble in a farmhouse kitchen. It’s all about the hardwood floors here. They look cozy and feel great under your feet and it’s the perfect excuse to extend your gorgeous floors throughout the house.


  • Wood countertops or an island


Wood countertops or butcher-block style counters are a great option. They are easy to maintain and can withstand heavy use. If you don’t want wooden countertops throughout, you can use an island with a wooden top instead. Or you can mix and match with butcher block style on one side and other materials elsewhere.


  • Large dining table


Most farmhouse kitchens are large enough for both an island and a dining table. These tables tend to be large (seating 8) and made out of solid wood. Some homeowners even get tables that use wooden planks to resemble the classic farm table. If your kitchen isn’t big enough, try to use a large island that can also double as a place to eat for everyone.


  • Exposed wood beams


If your kitchen has exposed wood beams and a sloping roof, then you don’t need anything else to make it feel rustic. These beams add interest and will mirror the hardwood floors to great effect.


  • Light/white cabinets



Opt for white shaker-style cabinets to pair with your wooden countertops to evoke warmth. Other pale neutrals like ivory also work well. These colors are inviting and open up the room, especially when you use so many wooden accents throughout.


  • Open or glass front shelving


If you’re looking to add smaller farmhouse elements to an existing kitchen, open shelves are your best bet. Use them to display white dishes, antique cookware, or even mason jars filled with pantry staples. If open shelving is not an option, try glass-fronted cabinets to replicate the see-through effect. 


  • Colorful appliances


Stainless steel appliances can work in a modern farmhouse kitchen but try to use other colors instead. Manufacturers now offer small and big appliances in eye-popping colors like candy red and electric blue. You can even add a farmhouse-style cooking range if your budget allows for it!


  • Oil rubbed bronze or black fittings


Generally, the few metallic accents you see in a farmhouse kitchen are the cabinet pulls and the faucet. Opt for fittings in oil-rubbed bronze or black finishes that will fit in with the rest of your kitchen. You can also try less common finishes like copper or rose gold instead of satin nickel.

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