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How to create a bohemian dreamland

27 April 2021

The minimalist design may be trendy now but not everyone likes the stark lines or a strictly neutral color palette. Some of us prefer more inviting home decor ideas for rooms that look inviting and lived-in. If you’re looking for a design style that is warm, comfortable, relaxed, and colorful, then boho might be the answer. 

Bohemian design is all about embracing different patterns, textures, and colors. It’s the opposite of the less is more philosophy and you can keep adding layers when decorating any space. You can embrace the maximalist approach and go all in or start with a classic white/neutral base and add a few Bohemian touches. 

There are 2 basic rules to achieving the Bohemian look: 


  • Avoid matching sets


Instead, focus on individual pieces that have a history or tell a story. Don’t worry too much about coordinating with existing furniture. If you love a piece, you can make it work in a Bohemian room


  • Don’t overuse any single color


Bohemian style is eclectic so avoid using the same colors everywhere. This is especially true for black. A couple of black pieces are fine but no more. Colorful and patterned tiles are a great way to incorporate this trend.


Creating a Bohemian dreamland is not hard, just follow these tips and you’re on your way. 


  • Textures


With Bohemian style, you can go crazy with textures. Definitely don’t limit yourself to one or two. Layer different materials and textures together. Start with a couch, then add a bright patterned throw and add a few plain pillows. Or layer rugs of different sizes on top of each other. Play with contrasts throughout to create a warm and inviting space.


  • Plants



Plants are an easy way to break up an empty wall or even a room into different areas. They won’t clash with existing decor and are a treat to look at. Hang some ferns from the ceiling or let a few vines drape gently down the sides of your bookshelf. You can put small potted plants on floating wall shelves and larger ones on the floor. Go wild!


  • Different light sources


Don’t limit yourself to just ceiling or floor lamps. Mix and match different light sources such as scones, candles, task lights, and even fairy/string lights on a wall. For example, you can create a wall of memories by hanging pictures on a string of fairy lights on the wall. Scones create a warm atmosphere and are great for summer evenings.


  • Mix patterns


Play with patterns to your heart’s content in a Bohemian room. Geometric patterns, florals, paisleys, you name it, you can use it. Layer different patterns for an eclectic look or frame a patterned throw or artwork on the wall as a focus piece. Just make sure to have a few plain items so your eyes can rest. 


  • Embrace imperfections


Don’t worry if a thrift store find is dented or slightly scuffed. Embrace those imperfections as they tell a story about your furniture. Vintage pieces, handmade items, and decor you picked up during your travels are great additions here. Travel and world cultures are always a source of inspiration for Bohemian style, so a vintage globe or a framed map on the wall are good ideas.


  • Natural materials



When you can, avoid manmade materials like glass or concrete. Focus on natural fibers and materials like wicker, linen, cotton, wood, and even leather. Metal frames or mirrors go well with light wood furniture pieces. Think cotton and linen fabrics for pillows or couch cushions. Wicker or jute side tables and ottomans work well too. Avoid darker woods as they tend to overwhelm the space.


  • Relaxed seating


Opt for low seating that is comfortable and cozy. Think low-backed sofas, chaise lounges, poufs, and ottomans. Don’t use heavy couches with straight lines or formal silhouettes. The idea is for you and your family to relax and spend some time in the room. 


  • Go big and bold with colors


You can use neutral or pastel shades in a Bohemian home but where’s the fun in that? Try using warm and earthy tones like terracotta, burnt orange, or vivid reds for the walls or big furniture pieces. Then add bold or bright pops of colors like aqua or mint green with throws and pillows.


  • Surround yourself with culture


The people who inspired the Bohemian style probably owned more books than clothes or furniture. Surround yourself with your hobbies or interests and use them as decor. If you’re a bibliophile, cover an entire wall with bookshelves. Love music? Frame album covers for a gallery wall. If you’re artistic or love collecting art, then showcase your collection in the dining room or above the couch. 

A Bohemian-inspired room or home is a place for conversations, music, playing games, and evenings spent with family and friends. So make it yours and don’t be afraid to experiment!


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