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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Home

17 November 2021

The holidays are just around the corner and that means it’s time to shop for gifts. There are so many holiday gift options – practical and effective to whimsical and luxurious – that it can be hard to choose just one. If someone you know has just bought a home or is in the middle of a remodeling project, then you might want to consider gifts for their home this holiday season.

Most of us get carried away and end up buying a lot of gifts during the holiday season. Focus on quality over quantity this season and see the difference it makes to the gift-giving and receiving experience! So make an early start of holiday shopping and get inspired by the following gift ideas:

Practical gifts for the home


Practical gifts are exactly what they sound like – gifts that someone needs for their home. They may not look glamorous or feel very festive but the recipient will surely appreciate it (and you!) 

The most important thing about practical gifts is to not make them a surprise. It’s best if you talk to them beforehand and make sure they can select the style or design. This is especially crucial if you’re splurging on the gifts or if you are not very familiar with their home decor ideas.

Gifts for the bathroom

Defending on your budget, bathroom accessories are a great gift idea. You can buy anything from the sink faucets, a new showerhead, or a set of smaller accessories like a towel bar and soap dish. For a close family member, you may also consider gifting the entire vanity if they’re remodeling their bathroom extensively. 

For smaller budgets or renovations, you may also consider buying monogrammed towels, a fancy shower curtain, or even a new mirror for the vanity. 

Gifts for the kitchen


Unless someone buys a brand new home, kitchen upgrades are always a welcome gift. Know someone who is struggling with a leaky faucet? Spring for a new one and make their life easier for the holidays. A kitchen remodel could use some important accessories like a hot water dispenser or Insinkerator

If you know the recipient has the bigger items sorted, then consider gifting decor items like a new backsplash, or new paint on the walls. If you are a DIYer or otherwise handy with tools, an afternoon of helping out with the project would be a welcome gift too!

Fun home gift ideas

This category is the opposite of practical gifts. These are meant to be fun, and something they’ve been wanting but did not want to splurge on. There are plenty of ideas here based on their interests and your budget. 

For the serious cook or baker

Small appliances or essential tools that make their passion easier to indulge in are always appreciated. A set of gourmet kitchen knives, cookware, or a stand mixer are sure to delight. Monogrammed aprons with a set of matching mittens and pot warmers are also a good idea. Know someone with a signature cookie recipe? A new set of cookie sheets or funny-shaped cookie cutters are perfect!

For the cocktail expert

A rolling bar cart stocked with their favorite liquor or drink accessories is a good idea. How about a countertop wine cooler for the wine aficionado in your family? A cocktail maker might make a splendid gift as well if your budget allows it.

Smaller gift items can be something like a set of wine glasses, cocktail accessories (muddler, strainer, mixer, and measuring spoons), or even a beer-making kit!

For the DIYer

Everyone has a DIY enthusiast in their family or friends’ circle. The person you go to for help around the home or who insists on buying the tools to get things done instead of the final product. 

Gift them a tool upgrade with a fancy new belt or upgraded tool kit. Peek in their registry to see if they have a particular item in mind and buy it for them. A subscription to their favorite magazine or trade publication would not be amiss either. 

Stocking stuffers

These are small gifts that are meant to delight everyone and may even get the biggest smiles. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for the home, you have everything from candy to candles. Seasonally themed dish towels, scented candles, bath salts, or a fancy bottle opener make for good stocking stuffers. Essential oils, a set of seasonal coasters, or bottle stoppers are also perfect.

Advent calendars are everywhere this holiday season. Whether the recipient likes cooking, has pets, or loves sweets, there’s a calendar for everyone. Not all of these advent calendars are inexpensive though and some of them can be quite pricey. If that’s the case, you can gift one to the entire family or group so everyone can share in the gifts. 

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